Taylor Green '15
"Stay humble, volunteer, and don’t forget where you came from."

Brianne Croteau '01
"Empower your own potential. Know what truly motivates you and you’ll be able to leverage your passions and skills in ways that truly make a difference!"

Lexi '05 MBA 2011 and Patrick '05 MBA 2012 O'Connor
"Learn about things you like, and learn about things you don’t understand. You just may end up finding a new passion."

Zach Peters '15
"Don't burn bridges, and certainly don't shut doors. While you may think you have the perfect idea of what your future will be, I am willing to bet there will be a few bumps in the road!"

Tom Saffell '05
"To this day, I look back and realize how incredibly lucky I was to have access to such top-of-line amenities."

Jessica Hackley '13
"Participate in as much as you can... you will meet some really cool people and do some really cool things."

Erica Campbell '09
"Be grateful for attending Loyola by remaining present and humble."

Greg Miller '73
"Looking back I realize you can achieve great things there as an undergraduate – Loyola makes that possible."

Paul Suplee '97
"Ultimately, our job in life is to break bread with others, make a difference in the world, and somehow make ends meet. Loyola will help you do that."

Michael Bruzdzinski '78
"Do not discount the value of the philosophy, theology, and ethics classes."

Dominick Proto '15
"The conversations and connections I made with each person I came across are something that I cherish so deeply looking back."

L'Oreal Payton '08
"My fondest memory of Loyola is meeting my best friends... They're my sisters and I'm so grateful that Loyola brought us together."

Lindsay Lusignea '12
"Be in the moment. Enjoy the relationships with the people around you in your classes and on campus."

Emil Cherrington '01
"A degree from Loyola will prepare one for a wide range of opportunities."

Taylor Fuller '13
"Say yes to everything... Follow your dreams."

Thomas Sobotka '64
"Loyola memories are treasure beyond measure."

James Carr '74
The Quad remains a special place to this 1974 alumnus which carried through to his daughter's years here as well!

Punita Rice MAT '12
This Loyola graduate student has stayed busy by earning her doctorate degree in Education and launching an outreach and advocacy organization all while getting married and having a baby!

Rev. Justin McCreedy PCPAS '86
"Whatever you provide in contribution to all aspects of your program at Loyola, it will bring you the blessings and rewards that Loyola intends to offer you."

Kurt Fiore MBA 2011
"Following your passions will lead to a happy and satisfying life."

Paul Nagengast '69
"Define what your philosophy of life is and then follow it."

Mary MSA'78 & Tom '72 Barbera
Four months friends, four months dating, and four months engaged is the short and sweet story of this Mount Saint Agnes and Loyola alumni couple.

Shontrese Smith '03
"Always be positive and kind."

Matt and Katie Mychailyszyn '05
This alumni couple just passed their ten year reunion and love staying involved with Loyola any way they can! 

Aaron Talone '01, MBA '03
"Loyola gave me the skills and curiosity to be a life-long learner."

Anthony and Margaret DiPaula '81
This happy couple started their life together as Freshman science majors. After a year long friendship, they discovered a budding romance and haven't looked back since.

Jamaal Jones '07
This 2007 graduate says hard work, persistence and perseverance will pay off after graduation...and for him it certainly did! 

Angela Minor '94
A history of community service and an insatiable appetite for giving and receiving knowledge drove this Loyola alumna to follow her passions in and out of the classroom.

Carolyn Turner '07
"Once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound."

John Sippel '92
"My Loyola education has been the foundation of who I am today."

Jeff Evans '67
This Loyola alum helped to organize and run the first tutorial program between Loyola College and Mt. St. Agnes; a crucial step towards the eventual merger of the two in 1971.

Terri Booker '06
"I thank God for Loyola staff, Deans, security, and students."

Todd Marks '98
What is the founder of Mindgrub up to now? 

Philip Forte '77
The classroom is this 1977 alumnus' first love, including one at Loyola College.

Francesca Schenker '09
This 2009 alumna took advantage of the Study Abroad program and it took her future to great places.

Jon Borris '98
Being a Greyhound runs in the family for this 1998 alumnus who has traveled the world and worked with many influential artists in the music industry.

Karen Rader '89
"It is no exaggeration to say that Loyola literally made me who I am."

Andy '09 & Pat '09 Mackessy
The freshman hang out in Fells Point marked the beginning for these 2009 graduates. Currently living in New Jersey, they are soon expecting their first child!

Dr. Liz Stillwaggon '95 Swan & Eric '96 Swan
Friends at Loyola, this Colorado couple reconnect and married in their 30's and have been enjoying life in Colorado.

Neetha '07 & Chris '07 Zwick
This couple met as Freshman in Campion Towers and officially became a couple that Valentine's Day. Currently living in Ohio, they have been married for 13 years.

Kathleen MSA '67 & Drew '68 Conneen
A blind date in 1965 at the Sophomore Dance led to a lifetime of memories for these Mount Saint Agnes and Loyola alumni.