John Sippel '92

What have you been up to since graduation?
After graduation from Loyola in 1992, I attended law school, passed the bar, and got a job in the private sector.  I had the opportunity to join the United States Attorney's Office in Baltimore in 2003, and I have been an Assistant United States Attorney for over 14 years.  I am currently assigned to the Violent Crime Unit and we are responsible for investigating and prosecuting the most violent criminals in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  The job is hectic and sometimes frustrating, but it is also greatly rewarding and one of the few jobs where you get to do the right thing on a daily basis.  Also, after graduation from Loyola, I met my wife, Suzi, and we have two boys, Johnny and Charlie.  We spend a lot of time at the beach, taking surf trips, and playing basketball and lacrosse.

What is your fondest memory of Loyola?
My fondest memory of Loyola is the lasting friendships and great group of people that formed the Class of 1992.

What is your favorite place on campus, why?
McGuire Hall is my favorite place on campus.  We had so many great events in McGuire Hall - dances, beach parties, concerts, and other fun class events.

Who was your favorite Loyola professor or class
It's hard to pick just one favorite Loyola professor.  My top three are Dr. William Kitchin, Dr. Charles LoPresto, and Father Timothy Brown.  They were excellent professors and mentors who were truly vested in the success of their students.

How have you remained involved with Loyola since graduation?
I served on Loyola's Alumni Board for a few years after graduation, helping with the Bull Roast and other alumni events.  Now, my family and I enjoy going to as many Loyola lacrosse games as possible - Go 'Hounds!

If you could offer a current Loyola student advice, what would it be?
Whatever you do, always do your best and be happy.

Why do you choose to support Loyola with an annual gift? 
I support Loyola with an annual gift because my Loyola education has been the foundation of who I am today.  In every step of my career and life, my Loyola education has played a role.  I would have never been able to attend Loyola or earn my Loyola diploma without the help of other alumni who shared and gave, so I give to help current and future students have the same opportunities.

You’ve participated in #GreyhoundsGive for two years now.  What’s special about this day?
#GreyhoundsGive is a special day because it is an opportunity for alumni to give and impact Loyola in a single day.  It's an easy way to give while thinking back on the good times and special memories of my days as a student at Loyola.

What’s meaningful about the gift you plan to make on #GreyhoundsGive this year? 
This year's gift is meaningful because this is my 25th Milestone Reunion year.  The Class of '92 was a strong, fun class of students who took care of each other and served the Loyola and Baltimore community well.  I plan to make a gift on #GreyhoundsGive this year that represents our special year and reflects the Class of '92's friendship, leadership, and service to others.


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