Anthony and Margaret DiPaula '81

What is your Greyhound love story? 
We met on day one as science majors and had nearly every class together. We were friends for over a year before we thought of dating. Even when one of us changed majors, we tried to take required classes (philosophy and theology) and electives together.

What have you been up to since graduation?
We have raised 4 children and enjoyed participating in all of their rec activities and sports; I have practiced law now for 32 years and Margaret, after a hiatus from work to raise the children, returned to work in the medical technology field part time.

What is your fondest memory of Loyola?
Attending the social events like the St. Patty's Thirst Parties and Oktoberfests. It was also gratifying at Senior 100 Nights that only then did the resident students learn that I was not a resident since I was on campus all the time with Margaret at resident gatherings.

What is your favorite place on campus, why?
Has to be the large green between Maryland Hall and Beatty Hall (which was Jenkins Science Center when we attended), just a great setting to read and relax.

Who was your favorite Loyola professor?
My favorite teacher is a tie between Dr. Dougherty in the English Dept. and Dr. Kitchin in the Political Science Dept. Margaret's is Dr. Henry Freimuth who taught Biochemistry.

How have you remained involved with Loyola since graduation?
Participating in the Majors to Careers Event, a Night of Networking, attending some Milestone Weekend events, Alumni Bull Roasts, basketball and lacrosse games, and even following the men's lax team to the Final Four in Philadelphia with some fellow alums.

If you could offer a current Loyola student advice, what would it be?
Internships! If available in your major, do as many as you can, they will help you decide if your chosen major is right for you, they will give you valuable experience in your major which will help with job search, and you will make important contacts...internships often turn into jobs.

What would your advice to fellow Greyhounds be for a happy marriage?

Be friends first, listen, have patience, and communicate; develop common interests so that you do things together and enjoy spending time together.

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