Dr. Liz Stillwaggon '95 Swan & Eric '96 Swan

What have you been up to since graduation?
We have lived in various places, independently of each other before getting married, such as, Thailand, Puerto Rico, California, New York, and South Carolina. Eric completed an MA in school counseling at Loyola University and Liz completed an MA in Philosophy at San Francisco State University and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina. Since getting married, we’ve lived in Colorado, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Eric has been a school counselor since completing his program and Liz has been teaching at the college level, both philosophy and writing classes, since completing her MA. We have a kindergarten aged son named Freeman who is fascinated by Legos and enjoys sleepovers almost every weekend. This past summer Freeman learned how to swim, ride a bicycle, drive Papa’s boat, and catch a fish.

What is your favorite place on campus, why?
The Quad, where everyone met up in between classes. It was great to see friends there and check in about plans for that night or weekend. I remember it being a very friendly and fun campus.

Who was your favorite Loyola professor or class?
Introduction to Spinoza with Dr. Paul Bagley. This class had only about eight students or so in it, and we had really deep discussions about theology, ethics, God, and nature. Dr. Bagley had such a presence in the classroom both as a philosopher and as an honorable human being. We students truly loved him. It was in this class that I decided to pursue philosophy further as I couldn’t imagine anything more fun than writing, talking, and reading about the big ideas and big questions that have been intriguing humankind forever.

How have you remained involved with Loyola since graduation?
We've kept in touch with lots of our friends from Loyola, some of whom still live in Baltimore. We enjoy reading the Alumni magazine and receiving the email updates about what’s going on on campus. We’d like to get involved with some volunteer activities from afar as we live in Boulder County, Colorado now.

If you could offer a current Loyola student advice, what would it be?
Have fun. I think Eric and I did really well with striking a balance between having fun with friends and enjoying the city of Baltimore and doing well in our studies. We both graduated in four years with good grades, but we really enjoyed our time there in the meantime. Since I teach at the college level now, I see a lot of anxiety in students about their grades and their stress levels are high, and I always just want to say, hey, you’re in college, relax and have fun. Yes, you need to stay focused and learn all you can, but find a way to enjoy what you’re doing along the way.

What would your advice to fellow Greyhounds be for a happy marriage?
Marry someone you love passionately who is also a very good friend to you. Eric and I were just friends at Loyola (we were both involved with other people at the time) and only came together as a couple in our mid-30’s. By then, we had finished graduate school, and traveled the world and had lots of fun, and knew what we wanted out of a mature, loving relationship. It’s been wonderful and we’re both so happy that it worked out this way.


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