Jamaal Jones '07
"Lelo lelo lelo."

Angela Minor '94
A history of community service and an insatiable appetite for giving and receiving knowledge drove this Loyola alumna to follow her passions in and out of the classroom.

Carolyn Turner '07
"Once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound."

John Sippel '92
"My Loyola education has been the foundation of who I am today."

Jeff Evans '67
This Loyola alum helped to organize and run the first tutorial program between Loyola College and Mt. St. Agnes; a crucial step towards the eventual merger of the two in 1971.

Terri Booker '06
"I thank God for Loyola staff, Deans, security, and students."

Todd Marks '98
What is the founder of Mindgrub up to now? 

Philip Forte '77
The classroom is this 1977 alumnus' first love, including one at Loyola College.

Francesca Schenker '09
This 2009 alumna took advantage of the Study Abroad program and it took her future to great places.

Jon Borris '98
Being a Greyhound runs in the family for this 1998 alumnus who has traveled the world and worked with many influential artists in the music industry.

Karen Rader '89
"It is no exaggeration to say that Loyola literally made me who I am."

Andy '09 & Pat '09 Mackessy
The freshman hang out in Fells Point marked the beginning for these 2009 graduates. Currently living in New Jersey, they are soon expecting their first child!

Dr. Liz Stillwaggon '95 Swan & Eric '96 Swan
Friends at Loyola, this Colorado couple reconnect and married in their 30's and have been enjoying life in Colorado.

Neetha '07 & Chris '07 Zwick
This couple met as Freshman in Campion Towers and officially became a couple that Valentine's Day. Currently living in Ohio, they have been married for 13 years.

Kathleen MSA '67 & Drew '68 Conneen
A blind date in 1965 at the Sophomore Dance led to a lifetime of memories for these Mount Saint Agnes and Loyola alumni.